Tim Closson



Kellie Peterson



I got hooked on motorcycles in High School when someone gave me a ride on the back of a BSA. I have never forgotten the adrenalin rush and the thrill of that first ride. The first motorcycle I ever owned was in 1964 when I was sixteen years old. It was a 1952 Panhead that had been pretty brutally chopped previous to my owning it, but I didn’t care. It was very loud, and very fast. I was the fastest kid in High School and that and drinking beer was all I cared about. I have owned several motorcycles since; a Triumph Bonneville, an AJS with a Harley KR engine in it, a 1974 Superglide with 14” over forks, a couple of Yamahas, and a newer FX Springer. Now I ride a ‘04 Road King but my baby is a ‘79 FXE. I was one of the very first original ABATE coordinators in North Idaho, in 1974 or 1975. Married to Crystal, my wife of almost twelve years, we live in Kootenai, ID.


Jack Clark

Born, raised and lived in the Denver area until I moved to Coeur d'Alene in 1998. Retired from a career in printing in 2013. Started riding when I was 15 – a Vespa. I have owned more than 40 motorcycles and currently own a 1967 Triumph TR6C and ride a 2003 Road King. I competed, on an amateur level, in enduros and motorcycle drag racing. I first went to Sturgis in 1977 and have been every year since 1985. I am life member of the AMA and HOG. I also belong to the MRF and ICMS. Motorcycles, and the people who ride them, have always been an important part of my life.



Began riding on the back of Jack's bike in 1992. Although I earned my own motorcycle license in 1998 I only belong on the back of Jack's bike. Been to Sturgis many times and all over the western U.S. on the back of Jack's bike. Retired from working in 2011. Have supported HooDoo thru donations and time for several years and became Membership Secretary of HooDoo January 2013.



Began riding on the back of Jack's bike in 1992. Although I earned my own motorcycle license in 1998 I only belong on the back of Jack's bike. Been to Sturgis many times and all over the western U.S. on the back of Jack's bike. Retired from working in 2011. Have supported HooDoo thru donations and time for several years and became Membership Secretary of HooDoo January 2013.


Hoodoo Hippie

I am a modern day Hippie.  I like my freedom and ability to ride what I want, where I want, wearing what I want.  I don't tell you how to live your life and I expect the same respect back.      I believe we only have one life to live and I chose to go through it having a great time.



Rick was born and raised in Oregon, and found his home in Rathdrum, ID where he works managing a machine shop. He joined the Hoodoo Hippies back in 02.  "I started riding when I was twelve, and I ride a softtail deluxe"Rick is a dedicated ABATE member, and a good friend. Although he keeps somewhat a low profile, he has many interests, and is a handy guy to have around. His collection of fine vintage autos and harleys is proof of that, happy to be his friend, a "fellow hippy".

Rick Harper



             SPIRIT LAKE, ID  83869                                                                                                                                                                       MEETINGS: 1ST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH







Belinda Wright (McKinney)



I grew up in a small farming community south of Spokane, Washington riding my Honda 90; starting about the age of 10.  I rode mostly on gravel roads, fields, creek bottoms and scab-rock; with an occasional highway excursion.  I now ride a  2017 Indian Scout Sixty.  I got my first "real" job away from the farm at the age of 14 years and have worked as a bookkeeper since I was 18.  These days I am focusing on being a more informed citizen of this United States.  I  firmly believe that if we want our Government to make good choices for us as individuals we need to do something.  I joined ABATE in 2010 and have found my niche in making my voice known while working with our State and Federal Government. 


Al (Hutch) Hutchings       

Born in Maine. My Father took us all over the country and Marine Corp took me around Asian in the 70’s and

80’s before becoming contractor in Idaho for 25 years. Love my country, family and riding! Love doing things in my community as well as Motorcycle safety and awareness. Love our veterans and things I can

do to help especially to prevent losing more of our veterans to suicide


Kellie Peterson


Correna Barnard 

I am honored to be a part of a wonderful organization.  It is nice to be involved in all aspects of our rights as motorcyclist.  I have always been a passenger, but always had the desire to ride myself.  It took  until I was 52 to make that happen.  I enrolled in the Stars program to learn how to ride since I didn’t even know how to start one.  For my birthday I purchased a 250 Honda Rebel to get my feet wet.  I enjoy ridding and the freedom of the open road.  This year I will be graduating to a bigger bike.  I am a mother of three adult children and a grandma to three wonderful grandchildren who thinks its cool to have a grandma that rides motorcycles.


Belinda Carson
208 699-2389


Keith McKinney

Hi all!!  My name is Belinda Carson  AKA  "Tigger", and I ride a trike made by my Husband, Ron.  I have been an ABATE member since 2007, since my husband introduced me to the organization.  I am an active member and believe in what ABATE stands for, and I love meeting new people.  You probablly have met me at one time or another on rides or volunteering for different  events.  I do believe that ALL of us should get more involved with our communities and with our government.  We all need to keep our representatives inline with our rights and such, or we will lose those rights.  So I say to all my "brothers and sisters" out there on the road,  get involved, even if, by becoming a member of ABATE, your voice will be heard by numbers.                                 
Ride hard, ride safe..... 

My first experience of riding was at the age of 7 years old on a mini bike; I progressed through the years on several different makes and models and now ride a Harley Heritage Softtail.  I love to ride.  I have served as Vice President and President of an Eagle's Aerie;  Sargent at Arms for Son's of American Legion and Vice President of Snowmobile/ATV Club.  Currently I am also ABATE of North Idaho's Face Book Administrator; as well as serving as Ambassador at Large.  I joined ABATE originally because they need numbers; I have since learned more about the laws that effect our riding and hamper our freedoms; also the need for enforcement/creation of laws that enhance our safety; and protect our freedoms.


Dave Bessey



                     P.O. BOX 2511

                  HAYDEN, ID  83835







Bob Berlinghoff

Hi, my name is Bob Berlinghoff some people call me Sarge. I’m the coordinator for Hells Canyon. I started riding and racing dirt bikes at 14 and have been riding street bikes since I was 19. If it burns fossil fuel I'll ride it. I retired out of the army guard in 1997 as an E-8 1sgt then I retired from Clearwater paper (Potlatch) in 2006. I joined the Hells Canyon chapter of ABATE 4 years ago. The chapter is full of great people that will go out of their way to help other members. We try to set some sort of event like a ride, broom stick pool or just get together every month to keep members active in the chapter. Come join us at our events, you'll meet and make new friends and have a good time.


Paul didn't send in a bio so I get to make one up.  I don't know Paul, only by sight.  He usually is pretty quiet at the BOD meetings.  He kind of looks like a movie star in this picture.  Maybe he is and he hides out in North Idaho between pictures riding his Harley and volunteering for organizations that need his help.  

Paul Lasswell



Pauline Durst


I moved to Orofino Id in July 1998 (moving from overseas) and joined ABATE of North Idaho in November 2000. When I first started I was amazed at the variety of people I met. I mean - from all walks of life. The diversity in careers and personalities drew me in and continue to this day to fascinate me. I come from the "melting pot" of the Pacific, but I have never seen so many different types of people gathering together to support one goal, the right to ride free. I am proud to belong to this organization. I believe in what ABATE is doing and will stand by what we represent and will continue to fight for our freedom to ride free.
The rides, the events and the friends I have made along this journey… Something I will always treasure.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Bryan Eberhardt

The Hells Canyon has a new treasurer and we are waiting for him to send a picture and bio.  If he takes too long I will find a picture and post it, along with a bio to match ... the last one I did that with ended up with a picture of Barnie Fife ...  for a sgt. at arms .... this one might be more of a challenge ... keep checking, this might get interesting .... 



Kim Glass

Hello! My name is Kim Glass. Most people call me Kimmy. I'm proud to become Hells Canyon Membership Secretary. I've been involved in ABATE for many years. I'm a true believer in ABATE and what it stands for. I enjoy traveling on two wheels especially the last six years when I'm behind Sarge aka Bob Berlinghoff who is now our Coordinator.  I look forward to gaining new members and getting old members back. I wish all of us ABATE members a great, fulfilling, and fun year.


Lonny Smith

Lonnie Smith is a motorcycle enthusiest. He rides a 1978 Heritage Soft-tail FLST. He strongly supports ABATE and what its mission is. Supporting and educating Idahos' youth is very important to him. Lon also supports the current no helmet law and will work toward educating the people that nothing's wrong with the current law.
Lon's ride to his class reunion in Wahpeton, ND and his family reunion in Fresno, CA made the summer of 2016 very memorable. Eleven Harley dealerships in thirty-one days.
Lon is an honorably discharged veteran who served proudly in the Army from 1967 - 1973 obtaining the rank of Sargent (E-5).
Lon lives in the LC Valley in Lewiston, the heart of the Banana belt.

Steve "Coyote" Libey

My name is Steve Libey, Everybody calls me Coyote.
I have been riding for over 50 years and will ride until I can’t ride no more.
A friend of mine was an ABATE member and he convinced me to join. He is no longer in ABATE, but I will stick around because I know that what we are doing for the motorcycle riding community is important.
I was the treasurer for a few years and was Deputy Coordinator for Hells Canyon Chapter out of Lewiston.


                 The Hells Canyon Chapter

                         PO Box 1713

                 Lewiston, Idaho 83501


            1st Saturday of every month.


       2020 ANI CAMP OUT 

           JUNE 5 - JUNE 7

       LOCATION:  THE CUTTHROAT RESORT                           18958 St. Joe River Road

                        St. Maries, ID  83861





                      RESORT FOR  ALL                                              RESERVATIONS AND  CAMP FEES 

                          FULL HOOK UPS:  $40.00 PER NIGHT

                           DRY CAMPING IS $20.00 PER NIGHT

                         TENT CAMPING IS $10.00 PER NIGHT


      FOR INFO:  JACK CLARK 208-676-9196                 



PO. BOX 2989

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816 

Laws are only as good as the enforcement behind those laws.

In 2021 ABATE of North Idaho is looking into the enforcement of:

Covered Load Law




PO. BOX 2989

Coeur d'Alene, ID 8381

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