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State Coordinator


Al Hutchings

Hello everyone I am Al Hutchings many know me by Hutch. Little back ground on me first I am a Marine! Charities, motorcycle rights and Veterans are very important to me. Originally from Maine my father was Career Air force and as he always said my son went BAD he joined the Corp! Spent 20 years or so in the Nampa, Boise area. Honored to Work with the POW-MIA group as well as 4th Tank Battalion on the Toys for Tots campaign for several years. Now Calling North Idaho home! Looking forward to carrying on the direction that so many great people have set for Abate of North Idaho. Continuing all the great things already in place will also be placing emphasis on more social get togethers as well as awareness and membership of Abate.

State Deputy Coordinator


Hi, my name is Bob Berlinghoff some people call me Sarge. I’m the coordinator for Hells Canyon. I started riding and racing dirt bikes at 14 and have been riding street bikes since I was 19. If it burns fossil fuel I'll ride it. I retired out of the army guard in 1997 as an E-8 1sgt then I retired from Clearwater paper (Potlatch) in 2006. I joined the Hells Canyon chapter of ABATE 4 years ago. The chapter is full of great people that will go out of their way to help other members. We try to set some sort of event like a ride, broom stick pool or just get together every month to keep members active in the chapter. Come join us at our events, you'll meet and make new friends and have a good time.

Bob Berlinghoff

State Secretary

Monica Washburn Pic.jpg

I earned my B.S in Accounting from the University of Idaho (UI) in 2005. I am currently the Financial Specialist for the UI Department of Theatre Arts. During my 17 years at the University of Idaho I have had some leadership roles with different organizations. I have been a member since 2014. I am the mom of two wonderful boys, Hunter and Antonio who love motorcycles and will follow in my footsteps.

Monica Pine

State Treasurer


Karen Stewart


Hello, out there! Karen, I be...
ANI's State Treasurer, that's me!
I pay the bills,
it's one of my skills,
When not teaching STAR class locally!

State Membership Secretary


Belinda Carson


Hi all!!  My name is Belinda Carson  AKA  "Tigger", and I ride a trike made by my Husband, Ron.  I have been an ABATE member since 2007, since my husband introduced me to the organization.  I am an active member and believe in what ABATE stands for, and I love meeting new people.  You probablly have met me at one time or another on rides or volunteering for different  events.  I do believe that ALL of us should get more involved with our communities and with our government.  We all need to keep our representatives inline with our rights and such, or we will lose those rights.  So I say to all my "brothers and sisters" out there on the road,  get involved, even if, by becoming a member of ABATE, your voice will be heard by numbers.                                 
Ride hard, ride safe..... 

Sgt. at Arms


Kent "Moose" Whitrock

Moose was ABATE of North Idaho representative for the St. Joe area approximately two years.  He served as ABATE of North Idaho St. Joe Chapter Sargent of Arms for two years and St. Joe Chapter Coordinator for 2 years.  He also served as ABATE of North Idaho Deputy Coordinator for 2 years and ABATE of North Idaho State Coordinator for 10 years.  Moose has recently retired and is excited to be able to spend more time working with ABATE.    

Amb. at Large

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